“I hate missing out.”

This is something I used to say on repeat. By then I had decided to change my drinking and was committed to that plan, but would sometimes feel overwhelmed with full-blown fear of missing out. And as we approach the big party season it’s something I’m being asked about more and more.

In today’s podcast I show how this fear of missing out does not have to act as a stop sign. I talk about how we can use it to question the type of person we want to be and how we are choosing to show up in the world. 

I show how getting into a spin and saying “I hate missing out” can impact your life in more ways than just feeling a night out will be less fun. And I’ll show how you can actually spin this sense of lack into a strategy to go out and get what you do want.

This episode is powerful. It will change how you view fun and enjoyment and pleasure. And with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year on the horizon, you don’t want to miss out on how to drink less without feeling deprived (see what I did there 😁).

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