Freedom from decisions in advance is a concept that people usually nod their heads and agree with – until it comes to deciding their drinks in advance.

“But I want to be free to decide in the moment… I want to be spontaneous,” is something I hear a lot. 

On today’s episode I offer an alternative viewpoint. 

I talk about what freedom around alcohol really means and how brain science shows the best way to achieve this for ourselves.

And I get you thinking about your overall life in terms of freedom and what you are telling yourself about feeling restricted when it comes to alcohol and having fun.

I show how achieving freedom from decisions in advance is one of the most effective ways to get what you want from life and how this can actually be more fun when alcohol isn’t in on the act.

So if you want to change your relationship with alcohol but are clinging on to the idea that you need to be free to decide what you want to drink at any given moment you do not want to miss today’s episode. Buckle up and let’s go.

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Next Steps

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