“It’s easier not to drink than it is to stop once I start.”

I believed this for years and wore it as a kind of armour. Rather than drink even half a glass of wine I would have nothing at all. I would tell myself I was being good, but really I was scared.

My choice of drink was wine, and this was how I would explain my position. I would say that it’s easier for beer drinkers because you drink a bottle of beer but wine comes in glasses. Where does one glass start and the second or third begin? Not such a straightforward question as it sounds. It’s much harder to gauge how much you’ve had when you’re not dealing with hard and fast measures. So better not to have any at all went my logic.I felt I was being very sensible. And controlled. There wasn’t any kind of pull for alcohol going on.

In this episode, I explain why saying ot’s easier not to drink than it is to stop once I start isn’t helpful, how to stop giving alcohol power over you and how to use every ‘mistake’ as an opportunity to learn.

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