It’s Time.

To stop accepting the drink struggle as a factor in your life.

To stop trying to ‘figure this drinking thing out’ on your own and start finding a solution that works – for good.

To stop settling for second best.

I’ll help you to stop overdrinking without missing out on life.

My approach is simple. I teach you how to:

Unlearn your desire for alcohol.

Take back conscious control of your drinking.

Interrupt the drink-reward habit cycle.

Until you’ll no longer reach for that first glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Or tell yourself that you “deserve a drink”.

Or drink three glasses when you only wanted one.

It’s the best gift you could give yourself. And the results are permanent.

You will become the person who:

Makes good decisions around alcohol.

Can live in a world surrounded by alcohol without feeling desire or deprivation.

Doesn’t mind if others think you’re boring for drinking less or not at all.

Has your own back and trusts yourself.