Is alcohol fun?

If you are ready to change your relationship with drinking, this is a really great question to start with.

And if you can’t specifically answer this question, that’s OK too. In fact it makes sense. We live in a society that normalises alcohol. Imagine an advert or a TV show or a post about a wedding or a night out or something as simple as attending a BBQ with friends and the one constant is that we are told alcohol is fun. It’s what all the drinks companies want us to keep thinking. In fact often it feels as though by saying no to a drink we’re saying no to having fun (and how weird would that make us feel!)

No wonder when I ask people why drink, they often tell me “because it’s so much fun!” Even if in the next breath they admit it also makes them feel bad and they really want to learn how to cut back. This is what makes it very confusing when you try to cut back. You end up disagreeing with yourself. You have a desire to stop drinking, and you have a desire to drink. Alcohol is fun in the moment but you know EVEN IN THAT MOMENT it won’t be fun later on. Or the next day. So I used to think about catching the point in the evening when it stopped being fun. To avoid crossing that line. It was very difficult. If that sounds like you know that you are not alone.

Crossed the line. Very hard. 

In this episode, I explain why you have these conflicting thoughts, how to learn whether you think alcohol is fun or not and how to take action from a more empowered place.

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