In this week’s episode I explain why putting yourself first plays an important role in changing your relationship with alcohol.

To many people, putting yourself first means being selfish, which is considered a bad thing. The prevailing opinion tends to be we should instead devote our time to being selfless and putting others before ourselves. I’m not saying that this is inherently wrong – in fact being thoughtful and helping others is a wonderful human trait. No doubt about that.

But I’m going to offer that there are situations when this might not be the best way for you to proceed. There’s a reason why airlines ask us to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others. I show why putting yourself first actually means you are in a position to show up in your highest form in the world – which not only serves you but others around you too.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you’re routinely doing things for others and putting them before you, this episode is for you.

Today I also talk about the importance of self-regard, how deeply it influences people’s drinking habits and why operating from a position of love is the ultimate in selflessness. 

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