Anticipated pleasure is a powerful thing. It’s basically fast forwarding the tape to experience the sensation of future pleasure now. 

We do this as children when Christmas is approaching: from our minds we can create the physical sensation in our bodies of all the excitement about the presents and the fun we’ll have when Christmas finally arrives. As adults we do it with holidays – we spend time daydreaming about what we’ll do on when we’re relaxing in the sun: all the fun we’ll have, all the activities we’ll do, how wonderful it will feel.

We do the same thing with alcohol. Most people start drinking in the evenings. This gives you all day to start sensing the anticipated pleasure you will get from that first sip. You may start experiencing this way ahead of the moment when you open the bottle and pour the glass. It’s holding out a promise of release and relaxation and enjoyment that’s definitely coming later, which can help you to push through the day. 

Anticipated pleasure is powerful. In this episode I explore how we create anticipated pleasure, why it matters and how to use it to your advantage. If you want to change your relationship with alcohol, you will want to listen up.

I can help you moderate or give up drinking for good. You know what you want for your life. 

I know how to help you get it. 

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