The escape button is a powerful concept. It helps to explain the role we give alcohol in our lives when we drink more than we would like.

One of the main reasons people drink is to avoid negative emotions. It’s our way of going into survival mode, to cope with life when things don’t go to plan. We use alcohol to dull our emotions (just as others use food, shopping, gambling, work or dozens of other activities to step back from their lives.)

However, whenever we do anything to escape our lives we make things more difficult for ourselves in the long run. We go unconscious in our lives and bottle up all the negative consequences of drinking. We become less likely to take the necessary action to change our lives. And we miss out on the most brilliant life that we could have.

In today’s episode I cover what the escape button is, when we use it and why it doesn’t work. And if you have a tendency to press your own, I also show you how to stop relying on it and instead start taking action. You’ll be amazed and eager to get started.

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