“I don’t know”. How many times do you say that? In all likelihood you’re not even aware when you’re doing it.

We believe it’s true. We believe that we’re missing information or insight or that we need more time to make a decision one way or the other. In fact this seems an eminently sensible approach. What’s to gain from being in a rush?

But in fact these three words provide us with one of the easiest ways to avoid taking a decision. We pretend we’re confused and say, “I don’t know.” It’s a kind of get-out clause we rely on. Mostly because we’re afraid. Afraid of taking the wrong decision. Of getting it wrong. Of suffering even more disappointment.

But decision making is a beautiful thing. It’s the way we create our lives with intention. It’s the way we set and achieve impossible goals.

In this week’s episode I talk about how “I don’t know” tends to show up and give you three strategies for moving forward and taking action to create an extraordinary life, come what may.

So if you are stuck and find yourself saying “I don’t know,” then I created this one especially for you. Get listening and get unstuck. 

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