How to stop doubting yourself is a skill you can learn.

It’s important to recognise this because expressing doubt is something I see in so many people when they first start talking with me. They have all sorts of doubt from whether I can help them (rest assured, I can), whether coaching works (it does) and whether they can make the change (yes you can.) This is all natural, normal and perfectly OK. It doesn’t have to get in the way at all.

Today I explain why we naturally doubt ourselves (even when things are going well), how this tends to show up, and four tools you can use to change your perspective so you don’t let doubt get in the way.

Today’s episode will impact all areas of your life, not just your drinking. You’ll be amazed at actually how much power you have, irrespective of how long you’ve been drinking, how many times you’ve tried to change, what you believe about your age, ability or family background. None of that matters.

So if you want to learn how to stop doubting yourself, this episode is especially for you. And if you know someone else who would get value from this, share with them too.

I can help you moderate or give up drinking for good. You know what you want for your life. 

I know how to help you get it. 

Book a free call with me and let’s get to work.

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