Valentine’s Day without the ritual of wine… is that even possible?

If you’ve spent any time out and about couldn’t have missed the hearts, teddy bears, roses, chocolates and all the mention of wine and champagne as we approach Valentine’s Day.

No wonder so many people tell me they can’t imagine Valentine’s Day without the ritual of wine or champagne at a romantic dinner with their partner.

It seems somehow less than the full experience.

So as we approach Valentine’s Day, this year I want to arm you with strategies and tools to make this the best one ever.

And by that I mean the Valentine’s Day that YOU want, not the one that you are told to seek by society.

On today’s podcast I explain why rituals are so important to us, how to understand the role you want alcohol to play (if at all) this year, how to tackle any fear of missing out, understand who’s responsible for your partner’s experience and how you can take an active role in creating the Valentine’s Day that’s right for you.

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