Staying motivated is a skill you can learn and harness to create a rich and full life. It’s hands down one of the reasons I have created success in so  many areas, including my drinking And this is available to you, too.

On today’s podcast I explain what motivation is and where it comes from – and, no, it’s not what you think. I’ll show how this one piece of insight alone can change the trajectory of your life and what’s possible.

I also talk about how demotivation shows up and what’s causing it – as well as how to get back into taking the action irrespective of where you are or what’s going on for you. 

This is one of those episodes that will open your eyes and change your outlook as to what’s possible. Learning how to deploy and stay motivated is 100% a core skill for leading a full and fulfilled life. For once you learn how to harness motivation to change your drinking you will see it applies to absolutely everything you do. And once you see this you cannot unsay it. At which point you will become unstoppable. 

Staying motivated is such a beautiful life skill that is yours for the taking. Today. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go.

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