What other people might think about your drinking can feel like a minefield. It’s one of the things that keeps people stuck in the habit cycle.

We want to change our relationship with alcohol, but then hesitate. We worry about what others might think of us, how they might react to us, what they might say, what this might mean for our relationship with them. … 

In all of these cases we’re worrying about what MIGHT happen. We’re worrying ahead of time about what someone else MIGHT be thinking. And the wild thing is that we’re doing this in our own minds. The other person plays no role in this. We are simply guessing what they’re thinking then creating our own experience based on this guess. Even while we’re doing this we know this makes no sense – which only serves to make us feel worse about ourselves. Enter self-judgement.

Today I explain why we do this (even when we really don’t want to), why it’s unnecessary and how to approach other people’s thoughts in a way that is beneficial to you. As a bonus I also cover what to do when friends/family/colleagues tell you they will “help you” with your drinking. 

So buckle up and let’s go!

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