Redefining waste around alcohol will completely change how you see your drinking. 

Are you someone who drinks up when you don’t really want to? Who polishes off the glass even when you’ve had enough? Because you “don’t like to waste things”?

In this episode, I will turn the concept of waste on its head. I will show how so much more is at stake than any embarrassment you feel about wasting an £11 glass of wine. A $5 beer. A bottle of fancy-schmanzy cognac. Or even vintage champagne.

So if you are a fully signed-up member of the ‘empty glass club’ and desperately wish you could drink less, this episode is for you.

I can help you moderate or give up drinking for good. You know what you want for your life. 

I know how to help you get it. 

Book a free call with me and let’s get to work.

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If you want to achieve permanent freedom around alcohol, book a free consultation call with me. We’ll discuss your situation and I’ll give you the entire plan to achieve your goals. And it will be SIMPLE, I promise. Book your call HERE.

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