Today’s podcast deals with your inner critic.

It’s the voice in your head. The way you talk to yourself. The words you use about yourself. The voice that tells you you’re a failure, you’re lazy, you should be further along. That you should know how to handle alcohol by now. That you’re just no good.

We all have one. It’s just that some shout louder than others, but you generally don’t have to look hard to find it. We talk to ourselves way nastier than we do other people. Even people we don’t really like. 

But what happens is that we start to think these judgemental critical thoughts so often we begin to believe them. Which then makes us feel stuck and powerless to do anything about them. But no matter how often you try to push these critical thoughts down, there is just more frustration when they come back. We do this because we’re afraid of these thoughts. We’re afraid of what they make our lives mean.

In this episode I explain why your inner critic seems so powerful, why so many people fear theirs and how it’s within your control to master your mind for long-term success.

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