What do I mean by ‘pick ‘n’ mix emotions? It’s a powerful concept and not one you’re going to want to miss.

One of the most common reasons people drink is to change how they feel. Or to distract themselves from how they feel. To even avoid feeling a certain way. To trade in sadness or desperation or frustration or boredom or overwhelm. It’s a way of escaping from your own life. 

It’s an effective way of getting out of the negative feelings in the moment but when you drink to numb out your feelings you numb out your life, which means you’re less conscious. And if you’re less conscious you’re less able to make the changes to make things better. Not something I recommend.

Instead I offer an alternative approach: rather than using alcohol to escape your life, why not make a life you want to live? This is available to you right now and gives you control over your whole experience of life, not just your drinking. Enter pick ‘n’ mix emotions.

In today’s episode I explain the three ways that emotions are created, the importance of being able to feel an emotion on purpose and the five step process to achieving this. It’ll remove any need to drink over your feelings again.

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