‘Practice makes efficient’ – I want to offer this as a new take on ‘practice makes perfect’ that we’re taught from a young age.

In my work I talk about the importance of the language you use. Especially the  words you use to talk about yourself. This is my problem with ‘practice makes perfect’. When you start out on a quest, you may be very far from the goal. It can feel insurmountable. Just committing to what you say you’ll do will take some doing. When you start learning how to change your relationship with alcohol you’ll make mistakes. And fail. Possibly a lot. So talking about perfection does not help at all. In fact you may believe you will NEVER be perfect at the thing you desire.

I suggest the alternative ‘practice makes efficient’ instead. On today’s podcast

  1. I’ll tell you the number one enemy of making progress with a ‘practice makes perfect’ mentality.
  2. The three things that are holding you back.
  3. And I’ll offer you an alternative approach that will serve you better.

Tune in to find out how this small change will improve your mindset and help you take the right action to make your transformation a reality.

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