Opposite thinking is a powerful concept for dealing with thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals. And yes, this works with your drinking and in every area of your life, too.

In any situation, with any goal you set there’s a 50% chance things could go the way you want or 50% not. Of course there’s a scale, it’s not always a hard 50/50, but I’m using this 50% chance of yes and 50% chance of no as I think it’s logically a concept that we can all take on board.

50% chance of yes achieving your goal. 50% chance of not achieving your goal.

Yet most of us veer to the 50% of not achieving the goal. Especially when it’s something we haven’t done before. And we begin to build evidence for why not. We look to our past and see many reasons WHY we won’t be successful this time. And this becomes what we believe the most. With a lot of emotion. And it’s this which actually holds us back from taking the action that would make all the difference.

Tune in to find out why so many of us believe we won’t succeed in our goals and how you can rewire your brain by using opposite thinking.

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